The Blog:

Shower thoughts – those random thoughts we have while doing mundane activities like showering that are surprising deep and thoughtful. Between excessively long showers and too much time to think, I’ve had my fair share of these thoughts. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so I thought I’d share some of them on my little corner of the online world – through the Shower Thoughts blog.

I played with the idea of this blog for a few months before actually writing a single post. In December 2016, I created the first iteration of Shower Thoughts and began posting a couple times a month. In the fall semester of 2017, I had a class that revolved mainly around blogs and content creation. I learned a good deal through that class and, as a result, decided to recreate Shower Thoughts with some of my new knowledge and experience.

I’m still learning how to best do all of this. I hope you’ll tag along for the journey!

The Author:

There’s few things I enjoy as much as a good story. Relatable characters, interesting conflicts, and a sense of growth put together in a series of words makes me a happy man. As someone who enjoys stories so much, living a good story has always been important to me. Even when it existed at only a subconscious level, I’ve wanted to live a life that makes an impact on something or someone. That’s part of the reason I started this blog – to share some lessons from life that have changed my perspective. I hope they can change yours and leave encouraged or challenged to change for the better.

While I believe this blog tells some of my story, there is still a lot of me that will go unsaid. So here’s what my character description would read if I were to write myself into the story of some book or game.

Born in the summer of ’94 and lived in the metro-Atlanta area everyday since, my life has been a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. I enjoy the highs when they’re around and endure the lows and try to learn and grow from them. None of my interests are too far-fetched, with video games, books, writing, guitars, music, and slacking taking the top spots. I currently attend a local, fairly large college with the intent of getting a degree in communications. The dream job, at this moment in time anyway, would be to do something like this blog for a church, nonprofit, or some other organization I see making a tangible difference in people’s lives.

I don’t see myself as overly special. I’m gifted in certain areas, sure, but I’ve got more flaws than I’d care to admit. I’m no saint and I’m blessed well beyond my measure. That’s one thing, I think, that sets me apart – my belief in the grace of Jesus Christ. I can’t begin to fully explain or even comprehend the unending love and forgiveness of God, but I sure know I need it and try to embrace that fact everyday. I don’t try to shove my faith down other people’s throats, but it’s a huge part of my life. It influences so much of my thought process and I hope you see some of that through my posts.

Of course, this only a part of my story. In the days ahead, I’ll continually unveil more of it. I hope you’ll join me on this journey through the craziness known as life!

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