Be a Jordan

Be a Jordan

Last week, my best friend moved away. It was something that had been in the works for a few months, but actually having the move come and go has been rough for me.

In the time since my friend confirmed the move would be happening, I’ve thought about our friendship a lot – how it started, why it works, and how it developed into the greatest friendship I’ve had, bar none. After spending a lot of time with each other, we’ve found many shared interests. Our taste in games and music line up nicely. We share relatively similar life goals. We were also both gifted with the wonderful name of “Jordan.”

But what really solidified the friendship for me came from the intentional investment Jordan made into my life. Outside of my immediate family, no one has invested so much into my life. Evidently, he saw something in me and began to pour time and effort into me and I can never overvalue the impact that has had in my life.

Between having hard conversations about things I need to work on to me revealing the deepest of dark secrets, I know that Jordan has my back. Because of his guidance and just his presence in my life, I’ve come to view him as a mentor, a big brother figure to look up to.

Having this mentor figure in your life is so huge. Everybody needs someone who can help guide them through the craziness in life, someone who will be standing right beside them when they go through hell.

If you don’t have someone like this in your life, you need to find someone. We all go through stages in life where, quite frankly, we can’t do it on our own. I more or less found Jordan through chance. While just randomly coming across a mentor figure is awesome, it doesn’t work like that for everyone. You may have to intentionally seek someone out but having that type of figure in your life is so worth it.

That investment into my life has made me want to be like Jordan. Now that I’ve experienced the effect that type of relationship has in my life, I want to be able to be that person for someone else. While I haven’t had quite that same level of relationship with someone else, I have begun to invest in others as I’ve grown as a leader. Just seeing the growth of those I’ve made that investment in has stuck with me as something amazing and made that time and effort worth it all.

Regardless of what phase you’re in, everyone needs both someone to invest in them and someone to invest into. This mentoring cycle allows us to grow as people and return the favor. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you find yourself on, you should always try to be a Jordan.

Originally posted 4/23/17

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