Bigger Than Me

Bigger Than Me

We’re all on a quest to find satisfaction. This need to find something that makes us feel alive is so deeply ingrained in us that we will go to any length to obtain that satisfaction and hold on to it for dear life.

For me, the most fulfilling form of satisfaction comes from being part of something bigger than me. Like most folks, I want to see the world change. But it goes deeper than just some hopeful wish for me. I have this insatiable desire to be a part of that change and I frankly can’t comprehend a future where I’m not doing something to bring it about. I know I can’t change the world alone, but I’ll be damned if I don’t do something.

Is this type of passion crazy? Probably. But it’s the thing that’s driven me to the path I’m currently on. It’s why I’ve decided to pursue a full-time career in a ministry-related position. It’s why I volunteer at my church until the previous point happens. And it’s why I’ve gone to Haiti twice and plan to continue to go as long as the door remains open.

If you’ve spent much time talking to me, you know how dear to my heart Haiti is. I made my first trip there last year and followed up with a second visit in November. To this day, I still have trouble finding words that halfway do those trips justice. But I can say this with the fullest of confidences – those trips have changed me more than the people we went to help.

A large portion of both trips revolved around a few orphanages that Hands International, the organization that takes people like me to Haiti, has invested in. Between remodeling their living spaces to playing games with them, the kids in these orphanages have absolutely stolen my heart. While painting beds and playing soccer with a few kids may not be changing the world, it is certainly changing their world.

I may have only spent a few hours with them, but that invest, that precious time where they got to be the center of attention and affection, will spark something in them that will lead them to do great things. One day in the future, after I have exited their lives, that spark will lead them to invest in others like we have invested in them.

I think that, deep down inside us, we all have a similar desire, a need to do something that outlasts us. No one wants to be that person that lived their entire life selfishly for themselves. If you haven’t in some way, shape, or form been a part of something bigger than yourself, I cannot urge you enough to find something to invest in that will outlast a lifetime.

Originally posted 5/7/17

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