Distract Yourself

Distract Yourself

I tend to have a one-track mind. If I have an idea I’m passionate about or if there’s something that absolutely needs to be done, I won’t rest until that thing has been taken care of. While this is a nice quality to have when it’s time to get stuff accomplished, it does have some negative side effects.

For example, when my focus lands on something it shouldn’t, I tend to send myself into a downward spiral. When someone hurts me or someone I care about, I constantly dwell on that particular situation and feed the seeds of anger, sadness, and bitterness that live in my heart.

Obviously, living in the realm where those three traits reign supreme isn’t a place you really want to be. Despite knowing this, I’ve continued to struggle with the focus of my thoughts my whole life.

That said, I have discovered a few ways that help me cope with some of the negativity in my life. Most of them revolve around one key principle:

Just stop thinking about it.

Absolutely mind blowing, right?

I know that seems like such a simple principle, but I struggle so much to push those thoughts out of my mind. At times, you’d think I actually enjoy living my life in misery and despair.

Obviously I’m not saying you should never think of anything negative and not deal with your problems. Yes, you should identify those problems and take steps to fix them. But once you get to the point where those problems consume you, it might be time to let go.

While it would be nice to just stop thinking about those certain things that continually drag you down, I’ve found that, after I’ve cleared my mind, those thoughts are the first ones to come back. So I find ways to distract my mind, different things to think about that aren’t quite so depressing.

Prayer, for instance, has been a fantastic way for me to deal with this problem. I may go on a bit of a rant to God about whatever I’d dealing with, but I’ll divert my prayer to other things, other people, after I’ve had my say on the matter.

Of course there are innumerable ways to get your mind of any such issue. Go hang out with friends, partake in your chosen hobbies, find something productive that needs to be done. Just don’t let those thoughts that are eating you alive take center stage. Those type of thoughts that can’t be dealt with are ones you have to distract yourself from.

Originally posted 1/29/17



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