Execute the Idea

Execute the Idea

Early last year, I had an opportunity to join a group that would allow me to flex my writing muscles. Talk of this group had been floating around for a couple of months and the prospect of working with this group excited me.

Once we get to the point where the team is formed, we have our first meeting. The vision is cast, the goals established. We’ve got a place to share ideas, a system for how writing and editing will work, and a fairly established platform for our content. Most importantly, we’ve got a team of talented people filled with passion. The stage has been set and now it’s time for the action.

After the initial meeting, I wait to hear about my part in that action. And I wait. And wait. And wait.

I’d say I’m still waiting, but I know that ship has sunk. Something – or nothing, rather – happened with leadership for the group and nobody really got any direction for what to do. This really sucks because everyone in the group was excited about what this group could do.

I’m sure that you’ve experienced something similar in your own life. There’s some awesome thing you want to do or be a part of. But in the end, nothing ever comes from the idea. Life happens and you find yourself unable to make the time for it. Or someone else drops the ball and progress comes to a halt. Regardless of the why, we’ve all had wonderful ideas that just stagnate and die.

For instance, let’s look at New Year’s resolutions. We all know the reputation they’ve accrued over the years – wonderful ideas that are often forgotten by February.

Having an awesome idea is a good start, but just having the idea isn’t enough.

Instead of just hoping your idea magically happens, do something to make it happen. Have an obtainable end goal with smaller milestones along the way. Find someone that will keep you accountable. Do what you need to do to make your dream a reality.

Just don’t let time be the one to execute your ideas.

Originally posted 1/7/17

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