Just Write

Just Write

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Life happened and I fell off the wagon for a bit. One of the things that’s fought for my attention was school. In an effort to graduate sooner, I took a couple of very fast-paced classes over the summer.

One of the courses I took wounded up being one of the best that I’ve taken. That class was primarily centered around writing and story, go figure. The teacher was also someone actually in the field, giving the material a sense of practicality most previous classes failed to achieve.

Among the things I learned over the brief semester, one of the most impactful things came in the first week of class. The professor addressed the fact that many of us had stories that we wanted to tell but, for various reason, had not committed them to any source outside our head. To combat this, she gave us a few words on what to do.

Just write.

Deep, right? It may seem like an obvious thing, but those two words stuck with me. As a perfectionist, it’s easy for me to put things off if I don’t feel like they’ll be done to my very high standards. I also tend to procrastinate and put things off for no good reason at all. The idea of just sitting down, pulling out my laptop, and going to town on a Word document even when I don’t feel like it blew my mind. Laziness or writer’s block don’t have to keep me from something I enjoy so much!

What’s great about the “just write” mantra is that it can apply to anything. Nike and Shia LaBeouf have already capitalized on this concept with “just do it.” The only way dreams become reality is by us taking steps to make them reality.

We’ve all got those dreams running around in our head. But for whatever reason, be it fear of putting our work out to the public or belief that we’re not good enough to do it right, we hold back. We rob ourselves of the joy that comes with fulfilling a long-held dream, not to mention robbing others the joy of experiencing our work.

I know I’ve had several dreams left on the wayside for a long time because I was too scared, lazy, and whatever else to start. I’m sure you’re the same. Instead of letting those dreams just sit around and gather dust, why don’t we take steps to see them become real rather than something we regret never doing. Instead of waiting for tomorrow to come, why don’t we just write. Today.

What are some dreams you need to pursue? What are you going to do to chase them?

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