Panic! From the Car Keys

Panic! From the Car Keys

Whoever designed the panic button for my particular set of keys did a great job. The button’s placement allows for easy access to frighten and ward off any potential criminals.

Unfortunately, this placement also means I constantly scare myself with the blaring alarm of my own car. I honestly don’t think it’s possible for me to go a week without hitting the stinking thing on accident. After all these constant scares over false alarms, I’ve grown to detest the sound of that button and I don’t know if I would take it seriously if something were to happen.

I feel like this also happens a lot outside of the car context. I can text a friend and, if they don’t respond in a timely fashion, I’ll start freaking out – what if they don’t want to be friends? Or did they die? How about when I’m happily driving along with plenty of time to reach my destination and having a meltdown because I caught a traffic light red. Crazy way to think, I know.

I’ve had so many times like these when the silliest, most inconsequential thing sends me into a downward spiral of doom and sadness. But once my friend texts me back saying they were busy taking care of their kids or when I still arrive early despite the meddling of the evil traffic lights, I feel pretty ridiculous about letting such a small thing put me into such a state of panic.

After I hit the panic button for my car, I’m a little bit more careful the next time I handle my keys. Rather than just stuffing them carelessly in my pocket, I actively avoid hitting that button. Maybe following suit with the panic button in my mind wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Instead of just freaking out over every tiny thing, I should take a breath, step back for a second, and think about how important the situation really is or isn’t. Not having a huge freakout over every false alarm would definitely cut back on some of the needless stress and panic in my life.


Originally posted 12/10/16
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