Worth the Drive

Worth the Drive

Summer, the season of travel. A time for vacations and travel aplenty. It seems everyone goes away for at least a weekend trip sometime throughout this season of warmth and sunshine.

This certainly is true for myself this year. A family vacation to Florida followed shortly by round 3 of Haiti both occupy a spot in my book for this summer.

Also amongst my travel plans over the summer was a road trip to see a friend last week. On this trip, I traveled alone for a long distance by myself for the first time.

For those who have yet to embark on a long car ride without anyone else, let me tell you this: those types of trips are rough. Initially, my GPS estimated a 6 hour drive. But because I had to drive through Atlanta on a holiday weekend and left an hour before the big rush hour started, the trip lasted an extra hour. Except for making a wrong turn at one point and some brief technical issues with the GPS, the trip itself was relatively uneventful but still incredibly long.

By the time I arrived at my friend’s house, I was done – I never wanted to drive again and I was just going to live with his family forever at that point.

What followed the drive was an awesome weekend with the best friend I’ve ever had and his awesome family, all of whom I’ve missed incredibly since they moved a couple months back. Spending time with these great friends, seeing their new life, experiencing some small town North Carolina life, just having a grand ole time in general.

If I had to, I’d do it all again – the agonizing drive included.

See, while the drive sucked, the destination made it all worthwhile. Sometimes, that’s just the way life is. We have a place we want to go, but we can’t just magically will ourselves there. Driving for 6 hours solo will suck, but seeing my best friend again will be worth it. Going to school sucks, but getting a job that will one day sustain my future family will be worth it. Waiting for the right girl to start that family sucks, but having a wonderful woman for my wife will be worth it.

The journeys life takes us on aren’t always rainbows and sunshine. We’ve all got places we want to go, and while getting there won’t be easy, reaching that destination will be worth it all.

Originally posted 6/4/17
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